We’re so glad you are interested in joining the BVS Women’s Choir.

All auditions and rehearsals take place in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Please note that BVS Women's Choir is a dues-paying organization. To schedule an audition, or if you have any questions about auditions, please email us at bvs.assistant@gmail.com, but please check our FAQ below to see if it answers your questions first.


What does the audition entail?

Auditions consist of learning an assigned section of a choral piece to be sung with a small group of other singers. There will also be a warm-up vocalization to test range.

When and where are rehearsals?

Rehearsals are on Monday nights in Park Slope, Brooklyn

When and where are the concerts?

BVS typically performs one concert per semester, with an opportunity to participate in community projects during the season. Call times are typically 2 hours before concert time. More information about concert venue is forthcoming.

How much are the dues?

Choir dues are $160 per semester, due at the first rehearsal. If you require additional time, a minimum $25 music deposit should be paid at the first rehearsal. Arrangements to pay the remainder should be made with the Treasurer. After the third rehearsal singers may not get a refund on their dues.

Are there any other financial obligations?

Because we are an independent community choir, we rely on ticket sales, fundraising, and choir dues to help cover costs such as sheet music, facility rental, guest musicians, and piano tuning. Each member is expected to sell tickets to our concerts, and more information will be given out during the first rehearsal.