Highlights From Our Past Concerts

Linda Tutas Haugen - Anne Frank: A Living Voice (Fall 2013)
Elizabeth Alexander - If You Can Walk, You Can Dance (Spring 2013)
Abbie Bettinis with Artichoke Dance Company - Poetry in Motion: From Behind the Caravan (Fall 2012)
J. David Moore, Arranger - Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Fall 2012)
Joan Szymko - Sioux Prayer (traditional Lakota) (Fall 2011)
J. David Moore (text by Tom Hennen) - In the Sky of Winter (Fall 2011)
Johannes Brahms - Ave Maria (Fall 2011)
Stefan Weisman (text by Lewis Carroll) - Rules and Regulations (World Premiere) (Fall 2011)
Neil Ginsberg (text by e.e. cummings) - porky & porkie (Spring 2010)
Patti Drennan (text by William Wordsworth) - Daffodils (Spring 2010)
Rosephanye Powell - Still I Rise (Spring 2017)

Spring 2019

My Lord, What a Morning - traditional spiritual, arr. J. David Moore
O Eros - Kala Pierson, text by Denise Levertov
Don’t Be the Moon - text & music by Karen Lurie
Gentle Nature - Eleanor Daley, text by Mark Lofichenko
Moon Goddess - Jocelyn Hagen, original text by Enheduanna
Abbey Road Golden Slumbers Medley - John Lennon & Paul McCartney, arr. Adam Podd & Allie Lewis
The Parting Glass - traditional Celtic, arr. The Wailin’ Jennys
 I Thank You God - Gwyneth Walker, text by E. E. Cummings

Fall 2018

Eleanor Daley - O Nata Lux
Jocelyn Hagen (text: 12th Century Latin Chant) - Salve Regina
Melanie Cozzi (anonymous text, Ireland) - Link
Craig Hella Johnson (text by Dorothy Walters) - Dorothy Poems
1. Don’t Make Lists
2. I Cannot Tell You
3. Order of Melchizedek
4. Until Even the Angels
Joan Szymko (text by Gertrude Stein) - Quite Regularly Gay
Jocelyn Hagen (text by St. Francis of Assisi) - Prayer
Burt Bacharach, Hal David (Arranged by Jay Althouse) - I Say a Little Prayer
Cole Porter (arranged by Jay Althouse) - Let’s Fall In Love: A Tribute to Cole Porter
Sara Bareilles, Jack Antonoff (arranged by Audrey Snyder) - Brave

Spring 2018

Linda  Kachelmeier (text  by  Amy  Lowell) - Listening
Joan  Szymko (text  by  Langston  Hughes ) - I  Dream  a  World     
Christine  Donkin (text  from  Genesis  15:5 and by Henry  Wadsworth  Longfellow) - The  Dawn  Is  Not  Distant    
Ann  Millikan (text  by  Opal  Palmer  Adisa) -  I  Woman
Abbie  Betinis  - Love  is  Love  is  Love  is  Love        
Lily  White (text  by  Sara  Goudarzi) - Prism  
Jessica  Corbin (text  by  Omayma  Khayat) - Ingredients  of  Worth 
Marie  Incontrera (text  by  Vincentia  Onyejose) - Unshackle  Me
Joan  Szymko (text  by  Deena  Metzger  and Joan  Szymko) - No  Time  Not  to  Love   
Rosephanye  Powell - Still  I  Rise  

Fall 2017

Eva Uglade - Misere
Kevin A. Memley - There Will Come Soft Rains
Erik Unsworth - Conflicting Perspectives: Perspective 1
Joan Szymko - Call
Karen Siegel - The Land of Oden
Linda Tutas Haugen (text by Anne Frank) - Sunshine and Cloudless Sky
Karen Siegel - The Land of Oden
Susan Crowe - Your One and Only Life
Jessica Corbin - The Map
Abbie Betinis - A Blessing of Cranes

Spring 2017

PF Tillen - A Prayer for Peace
Gyorgy Ligeti - Idegen foldon (Far from Home)
Libby Larsen - Look! Be: leap;
Mary Goetze - Fire
David Lang - evening morning day
Joan Szymko - Everything She Touches
Rosephanye Powell - Still I Rise Listen!
Lily White - Be
Karen Lurie - re:birth
Kaissa (arr. Lily White) - Essimo

Fall 2016

Joan Szymko - Ffe Mwe, Mwe Ffe
Edie Hill - Thaw
Gabriel Faure - Messe Basse
Johannes Brahms - Ave Maria
Stephen Hatfield - The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy
Linda Kachelmeier - We Toast the Days
PDQ Bach/ P Schickele - A Consort of Choral Christmas Carols

Spring 2016

Joan Szymko - As A Woman
Traditional American (arr. James E Clemens) - Cuckoo Is a Pretty Bird
Rhona Clarke - Geibheann
Neil Pfeifer - Lilacs & Rain
Abbie Betinis - From Behind the Caravan: Songs of Hafez
Gwyneth Walker - Songs for Women's Voices
Michael Larkin Heart - We Will Forget Him
Paul Carey - Mashed Potato/Love Poem
Carolyn Jennings - Jabberwocky
J David Moore - Will the Circle Be Unbroken?